Our Story

Like most Filipinos, I grew up with coconuts all around me. After all, this is the “tree of life” for Filipinos – its wood used for local houses, its oil for various indigenous therapies, and its water, milk, and fruit for all sorts of delectable dishes and desserts.

But like most people back home, I enjoyed its bounty without really realising that many people outside the Philippines do not get the same opportunity to enjoy this wondrous tree and all it has to offer.  This, despite the fact that Philippines has been home to some of the world's best export quality coconuts since 1840.

Fast forward years later and, while living and working in London, I began to realise that access to coconuts in this part of the world is still limited.  And so my thoughts turned to the beautiful coconut in all its abundance back home… and began imagining how I can help spread its gifts to the rest of the world.

This is why Coco Junction was born. We would like to inspire the more and more people across the globe to discover the many ways coconut can enrich your day to day life – from improving your health to enhancing your sensory enjoyment.

Along the way, we support hardworking Filipino coconut farmers to reach a more global market while sustaining their local livelihood and approach to farming.

So come on in. Discover the tree of life.

Carol Soriano Bajenting
Coco Junction Founder